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Where to Find an International Teaching Position?

Updated: May 29, 2022

Based on my 20+ years of experience*, there are three ways to find a teaching job overseas:

  1. Word of mouth / networking,

  2. Specific school websites you're interested in, or

  3. Recruitment agencies' websites.

1. Word of mouth / Networking: Use social media to get the word out that you’re looking for a new position. Don’t be shy, but rather use your network to your advantage and ask for their help. You can always pay it forward when someone reaches out to you for information on your schools (past and present) or asks for help finding their next job.

2. Specific school websites: This is a precise but time-consuming way to find the right position for you. Think of a country or city where you’d like to work; search for international schools there, and look for their “Careers”, “Employment” or “Job Opportunities” page. Many schools require you to complete their application form online, which could include a series of long-answer questions. My recommendation is to save the questions and your answers in a Google doc, thus making this process faster for each subsequent school application.

3. Recruitment agencies' websites: These are agencies who collect teachers' candidate profiles for the schools who are their true clients. Their fees range from free (with some charging the school a commission for finding you) to hundreds of dollars for the candidate and for the schools. However, they all have one thing in common: they work for the schools and not for the candidates. Many will try to argue against this last point, but you need only look at the calibre of some of the schools working with their organization to realize this is all about who pays them the most.

Now, if I haven’t deterred you from contacting them, here's a list of the international recruitment businesses, in order of the cost to you, the candidate. In my previous job searches, I have personally used almost every one of them, so there's no judgment here!

Name of Agency

Cost to Candidate


FREE for both candidates and schools

Started by a consortium of Tier 1&2 international schools to skip the candidate vetting process, relying on their easy "Would hire again" / "A good candidate, call me" / "Would not rehire" candidate rating system

FREE for candidates

Works with Private Schools in the UK along with many international British Schools

FREE for candidates

​Works with Private Schools in the USA along with many international schools

FREE for candidates

​Works with many Big Chains of schools, such as Nord Anglia, Dulwich, ESF, GEMS, Qatar Foundation, UWC, etc.

FREE for basic profile; US $75 for premium

Some Tier 1 schools use Schrole exclusively and allow for FREE direct applications to their postings

FREE for basic profile; US $75 for unlimited

​Wide range of international schools; cheaper than Search Associates

US$ 39.95

​According to their website, they've been in the recruitment business for 23 years, but I've only recently heard of them; I've never used them.

US$ 49

Long-standing (30+ years) reputation in the international community; affiliated with Principal Training Center (PTC) and Teacher Training Center (TTC) professional development - also highly recommended

US $225 (FREE for UK candidates)

Access to the king of all databases of international schools with information like: school size, salary range, benefits, curriculum, etc.; ability to store your confidential references over the years (double-edged sword)

Additionally there are a few websites (listed in alphabetical order) where you may want to search for an international teaching position. I felt that these organizations didn't fall under the category of Recruitment Agencies:

Name of Organization

Type of Organization

Cost to Candidate


Formerly Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA)

Charges candidates a "small registration fee to help cover costs and ensure only serious candidates apply"

Central and South American international schools; ready your portfolio by October for their November/ December hiring fairs

A collection of small international schools, often in remote locations

FREE for candidates

Reputed to have "a type of teacher" that they're looking for (read: with Christian morals & values)

An annual job fair every January, once held in Kingston, ON, Canada, now online

US $100 ($125 Canadian dollars)

​Non-profit and university-based services; solid, world-wide reputation for having quality teacher candidates; for certified K-12 teachers of all nationalities (not just Canadians) searching for international teaching positions

An annual job fair every February, once held in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA, now online

​FREE at the moment "Due to the continued uncertainties, we are waiving the fee for all educators"

​​Non-profit and university-based services; solid, world-wide reputation for quality teacher candidates; for certified K-12 teachers of all nationalities (not just Americans) searching for international teaching positions

Remember to get your CV and cover letter updated and ready before contacting any of these organizations. Check out my tips under the heading Materials Needed, for what your materials should contain. Need help with your CV and cover letter? Check out the different services available to you through my website.

* The views and opinions expressed in the content of this posting belong to the content creator and do not necessarily reflect those of the JPMint. Consulting organization, its affiliates, or employees. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, organization, company, or individual.

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