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Checklist: Preparing to Apply for a Teaching Job Abroad

Updated: May 29, 2022

1. Update your two-page Résumé:

  • Professional photo

  • Current address

  • Contact information

  • Education

  • Teaching Experience

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Professional Development

  • Interests & Skills

  • References (3-4)

2. Update your one-page Letter of Application template:

  • Be sure to address the Head of School

  • The position and school you're applying for

  • Why this position and school attracts you in particular

  • Your experience and qualities that make you a perfect fit

  • Your enthusiasm to discuss this opportunity further with them

3. Scan your University Degree(s) and Teaching Certificate into individual PDFs

  • Name each PDF by your LAST NAME, degree name, and university name. Example: MALLAIS_MEd_TCNJ

4. Collect and scan your Police Check(s) into a PDF

  • You will need a police check for the last country of residence

  • It’s helpful to have police checks for every country of residence

5. Book Jacqueline to get your dream job abroad.

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