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Save Time When Applying for Teaching Jobs Overseas

Many school and recruitment websites ask you to complete long answers in text boxes to

multiple questions for their application process. These questions can be quite similar from one website to another, therefore your answers could be reused and edited for several

job or recruitment applications.

Save yourself time by keeping these questions and drafting your answers in an online word processing document, such as a Google doc or a OneDrive doc.

Additionally, your long answers make a great review to read before an interview to refresh your memory and prepare your answers.

Here are some sample questions asked in school online applications or recruiting websites:

  • How did you find out about us?

  • What do students learn in your classroom that you do not explicitly teach?

  • Give an example where you have improved student learning through collaboration.

  • How do you use data to make informed decisions about student learning?

  • How do you reflect upon the effectiveness of your lessons?

  • How do you engage students in developing agency and taking pride in their school?

  • Describe a student learning project you've lead from conception to completion.

  • Please describe your experience in working with Professional Learning Communities and describe how it has impacted student learning and achievement in your classroom.

  • How have you fostered the use of technology in your classroom? Please share specific examples.

  • What experience do you have in working with standards-based grading & reporting?

Need help preparing for an upcoming interview? I'm here to help! I can improve your current CV and letter of interest to highlight your best features and make you stand out, as well as help prepare you for that important interview. I work directly with you. Look what I can help you with here:

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