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Celebrating Two Years at JPMint Consulting!

This second year as a self-employed International Teacher Consultant has far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to word of mouth from my clients and friends, co-hosting The International Teacher Podcast and guest spots on other podcasts, as well as my articles on social media, I'm happy to say that business this year has been extremely successful. In fact it has tripled in its second year!

I am also happy to report that at the time of publishing this article, I have helped 75% of my clients find a position for this coming summer 2024, with there still being 3 to 4 more months of recruitment to go for the last 25%. I've also seen a 30% rise in subscribers to my website and a whopping 70% increase in the number of times my blog articles have been read.

But more important than the numbers, I count myself lucky to be able to help educators coming from 23 different countries find their next international position. The highlight of any day is when I get to meet with a client in a video call and let them know that they are not alone in their job search. I am there to share their ups and downs with each application, each interview, and ultimately each job offer. I am always happy to help them weigh the pros and cons of any offer, usually providing follow-up questions for their HR department. Knowing that they're making a fully informed decision and choosing what's best for them brings me great satisfaction. I do indeed see my clients' success as my own and celebrate each contract signed with a sense of joy and pride at what they were able to accomplish.

And now without further ado, here are some of the great destinations my clients accepted in this second year of JPMint Consulting:

If you'd like the support and encouragement in your job search that comes with signing up with JPMint, please take a look at the services on offer:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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