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One Year Anniversary of JPMint Consulting!

Updated: May 21, 2023

Reflecting on this past year of starting my own international teacher consulting business online, I am overwhelmed at how generous people are with their time and recommendations, and I’m also amazed at how small our world really is. I have met friends of friends who have now become my friends and sometimes even clients - you can never have too many friends (or clients, hahahaha)!

I’m really happy with the response I’ve received by creating this new position, International Teacher Consultant; it all came out of a need to intersect my knowledge in recruitment and my desire to help others with their job search. And I can report that it’s really working!

In one year:

  • I wrote 21 blog articles that have had over 11,000 views;

  • I published 26 Job Search Tips o’ the Week - so… not quite “o’ the week” but more like “Hey, here’s a job search tip every 2 weeks or so”;

  • I’ve done 7 podcast interviews for EGG; ITP; and Teacher Story;

  • I got 120 subscribers to my website’s blogs and tips; and finally

  • I had 43 clients sign up for my services.

I am most proud of the fact that of those seeking a position for the Summer of 2023, an impressive 75% of my clients have successfully secured an international teaching contract! And I’m confident that the other 25% will find something very soon. Some of my clients are in the final stages of interviewing and deciding between multiple offers. Take a look at the word cloud below to see where my clients will be heading next school year:

I know one thing for sure: Thanks to my timely advice and 20+ years of international school experience, my clients feel listened to, encouraged, and more confident to apply for their dream jobs. Plus with their new CV and cover letter, they’re able to gain more traction with Heads of School and HR departments. In one particular client’s case, she got a job offer after re-sending her new updated CV and re-expressing interest in a job. She had already been interviewed twice by the school but still hadn’t heard back from them. In another client’s case, she was told by her new school’s HR department that her CV was one of the best they had ever seen! In the end, I’m very proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish this year, and I look forward to more successful years to come!

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2023


I am Mr Rana

Certified math secondary teacher from TCNJ.

kindly help me in Cindi g a job in an international school

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