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ITP Podcast has a New Co-Host: JPMint!

I have exciting news: I have joined the International Teacher Podcast as their new co-host!

You may recall my Tip o' the Week #16 in October 2022, where I introduced Matt & Greg's podcast to JPMint clients and subscribers. Since that time, they added Kent whose infectious laughter and savvy interview style adds so much to the already beloved podcast.

And now they'll have this Canadian woman's point of view with 20+ years of international teaching and school administration experience, and I couldn't be more excited to join them! So please visit ITP's website and have a listen to their very informative and entertaining podcast. And keep your ears tuned for my inaugural podcast episode, coming soon! We talk about our new FaceBook ITP group, what guests we have lined up for this year, and all things recruiting.

Speaking of recruiting, the Recruitment Season 2023 is starting now! This is the perfect time to get your CV and cover letter revamped for this year's hiring season. I will completely re-edit your documents to best highlight your strengths as a candidate. I also work directly with you to advise you on next steps. I have been helping teachers and school leaders from around the world these last 20 years and am now dedicating my full focus on helping teachers find their next international position, through JPMint Consulting and ITP podcast. Discover how I can help you with your international job search:

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