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Introducing Educators Going Global

From Guest Writer, David Carpenter: Where do you go to learn about and stay connected to international education, besides JPMint Consulting? We have a new one-stop shop for you!

We just started a new enterprise with multiple channels of information organized around school life, recruiting, transitions, finances, and travel.

The central portal of our endeavor is the Educators Going Global (EGG) website. There you will find the communication conduits of a podcast, a blog, a resource library, and links to our YouTube videos where international educators share their “going global stories.” We also have a Facebook group where we post resources and crowdsource questions on topics such as potential guests, questions we need help with, and lots more.

We hope you will see our website as an additional tool for your international teaching toolkit. Have a question about finances or your upcoming transition to a new school? Visit our site to select “Finances” or “Transitions” to see podcast episodes, blog posts, along with books and website resources for your review. At the same time, you can subscribe to the Educators Going Global podcast on your device using your favorite podcatcher app to listen to our shows. We will show you how to travel, teach and connect!

This should cover What Educators Going Global is. Now, how about the Who? We are Audrey Forgeron and David Carpenter.

Audrey is a thirty-year international teaching veteran of seven international schools on four continents. She has taught Health and Physical Education, Social Studies, French, Film and Design Technology in grades three through twelve, as well as being an instructional technology educator. She is now a trailing spouse and mother of two grown Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs), and now training to become a life coach.

David is also a long-time international educator, having worked in ten different international schools. He has worn many hats, from Social Studies teacher to Curriculum Designer to Instructional Technologist to instructional Coach for Wellness. David is now semi-retired, wearing his dad hat whenever possible to support and learn from his adult sons, Maxwell and Samuel.

So Why are we going global to share our insights and the expertise of our guests? We want to give back to the community of educators who gave us so much. We see our effort as a public service. Our mission is to inform both veteran and aspiring international educators about working overseas - What it’s like and how it's changing, Where to find more information, Why "going global" is so attractive, and How and When to work through the recruiting process. We will do this via targeted episodes that include informational interviews and personal vignettes related to the five Ws of international education. We work to tell the full story, so you are really in the know about international schools. Our motto is: Eyes wide open!

The bottom line is that just like when we worked in international schools, we want to build community and be of service. Please look to join us as together we go global! Educators Going Global

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