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Brag Sheet for your References

Recently a client asked me if I had a template for a brag sheet that he could use for one of his references. This was the first time I had heard of such a thing. But once I started doing some research, I realized I had been doing this for years. I called it a "Highlights of X School" and kept it in a Google doc to help me track all that I had done at a particular school. I always made sure to update it at the end of every school year, before my memory faded over the summer holidays.

So to help you start yours, if you haven't already, here's a sample of what I would recommend for you to track - you could even jot it down throughout the year, while it was fresh in your mind. This document will not only be very handy for your future references to use for their recommendation phone calls and letters, but also helpful for you to keep a running record of your various roles, responsibilities & accomplishments at each school over the years.

Highlights: 1st year at X School (Year xxxx -Year xxxx)

  • Which classes & subject names you taught with the number of students in each class

  • What your professional goals were that year

  • Any advisory or homeroom responsibilities

  • Any coaching responsibilities, including season months and tournaments

  • Any extra-curricular courses offered

  • # of parents spoken to or % of parents at Parent-Teacher conferences in the fall

  • Any field trips you organized or participated in (be sure to make the distinction)

  • Any volunteering you did, ex: Terry Fox Run route marshal, theatre usher, scorekeeper

  • Any extra tech you used/learned: ex: Technology Week video submitted on 1:1 iPads

  • # of parents spoken to or % of parents at Parent-Teacher conferences in the spring

  • Any additional/optional school meetings attended, ex: Annual General Meeting

  • Any performances you were a part of, ex: End-of-year staff talent show

  • Any student events you chaperoned

  • Any student performances you attended

  • Any school community social events you attended, ex: Parent/Teacher Ball

  • Any school community involvement, ex: organized Amazing Race for staff

  • Any local community involvement, ex: city choir, ultimate frisbee league

  • Professional Development attended (month, name of workshop & institute offering PD)

  • Any Awards you were presented

  • Any Personal Days you took, dates & reasons

  • Any Sick Days you took, dates & reasons

  • Any Professional Excused days you took, dates & reasons

Did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below if you have other events to add to the Brag Sheet template.

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Jul 09, 2023

This is brilliant for so many reasons! I have kept my own google doc with this kind of info for ages, and it makes updating my resume and requesting references super easy. Also, I have written references for other people, and I'm always grateful for a bulleted list of accomplishments to ensure I cover all the important points. Great advice as always, JPM!


Dani Hood
Dani Hood
Jul 08, 2023

Actually not a bad idea for everyone to do this in their professional life. So much easier to keep a running journal of activities and accomplishments than to try to think back to what you were doing "x" years ago.

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